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Leto Proxy Gateway

In a few simple steps, collect analytics on your dedicated IPFS gateway!

Connect your IPFS gateway to Leto

Developers use dedicated IPFS gateways from a variety of hosting providers. In order to collect analytics on a dedicated gateway (e.g. example.sphn.link), use a Leto Proxy Gateway.
​Login to the Leto dashboard and input your dedicated gateway link. This will generate a proxy gateway link. Once used to retrieve content, the proxy gateway sends requests to the original gateway and collects anonymized analytics!
  • ​Login and select "Proxy gateway".
  • Input a name and your dedicated IPFS gateway link. Currently supporting:
    • Spheron, Lighthouse.storage, Numbers Protocol, Fleek, Pinata, 4everland, and Quicknode
A new gateway and gateway link will be created. An example will appear below your link showing how to retrieve IPFS CIDs with the new proxy gateway address.
Use /ipfs/{cid} at the end of the proxy gateway address to retrieve a CID.
Here you can rename or delete your gateway if needed.
Collect analytics on webpages, NFTs and more without changing your dedicated IPFS gateway provider!

Interact with your analytics

Input the CIDs you would like to track in the Leto dashboard.
Analytics data can also be called to an app with the Leto Analytics API.