Large Field Analyzer

Instructions for detecting malware on IPFS using the Large Field Analyzer
The Large Field Analyzer is an automated malware detection tool for IPFS content. Access the analyzer at Leto.gg by upgrading to a Business account!
Contact us at [email protected] for questions or custom implementations.

Getting Started

Create an account and login at Leto.gg.
  • Navigate to "Account Details" and upgrade from a free account to a Business plan.
  • Input either one CID and “Submit IPFS CID”, alternatively select "File" and upload a csv file with a list of IPFS CIDs or normal hyperlinks
  • Scores are returned in 30-45 minutes depending on the number of files submitted.
  • Contact us at [email protected] to access an API endpoint to ingest large lists of IPFS CIDs.
Each CID is given a score from 0-10. View the scores for each file in the user portal. Users uploading lists by a csv file will receive a report by email.
  • A score of 5 or higher indicates a potentially malicious file (more to come on scoring).
Check out the Large Field Analyzer on Github! Contact us to learn more at [email protected] or @LetoDev (on X/twitter).
DISCLAIMER: This software is still a work in progress! The accuracy and information given from our analyzer will improve as our analyzer software codebase grows.