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Getting Started

Quickly get started collecting anonymous analytics on IPFS content.

How to use Leto Analytics

Simply use the Leto IPFS gateway to serve content to end users. Anonymous analytics are automatically generated.
  • Leto gateway address here.
  • Leto serves IPFS content to end-users via our incredibly fast gateway mirror.
  • Analytics are accessible via the Leto dashboard and Analytics API.

Leto Proxy Gateway

If you have a dedicated IPFS gateway and don't want to switch to Leto, don't worry! With the Leto Proxy Gateway you can take analytics on any IPFS gateway.
Collect actionable insights while storing your content with any IPFS hosting provider!

Interact with your analytics

  • Login at Leto.gg and input the CIDs you would like to monitor.
  • For added dashboard functionality, sign up for a pro plan.
  • Use the API in your application to share analytics with internal/external stakeholders.
  • Display analytics publicly for your end-users! See our examples for ideas.